Welcome to Evergreen Health & Wellness Clinic


Evergreen Health & Wellness Clinic (Evergreen Health Clinic) focuses on weight loss programs, wellness and beauty treatments with 100% attention to our patients.

At Evergreen Health Clinic's Weight Loss Programs, we assist people with their weight problems, and help our patients lose weight quickly, safely and naturally while they regain their energy, vitality and confidence.

Evergreen Health Clinic has been utilizing the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese meridians massage, and its unique weight loss techniques to assist numerous over weight patients in making remarkable achievements towards their overall health.

Our goal is to become the leader of the natural weight-loss industry.   Evergreen Health Clinic has moved to a new central location occupying 2,500 sq. ft.  This makes us one of the largest natural weight loss clinics in Toronto.  We have purchased the newest models of slimming machines and hired more weight loss professionals to join our team.  We also provide a free slimming fitness Centre in our facility and offer nutritional health seminars to our patients.  We have incorporated the science of weight loss with natural weight loss techniques to offer our patients a healthy and enjoyable weight-loss journey.

To summarize the past and looking to the future, Evergreen Health Clinic will always stay true & committed to our core mission of being “healthy, natural and scientific”, adopting pragmatic and professional principles of business while offering customers excellent “care, health and beauty”.